6 More Foods All Runners Should Eat

As an extension to our previously popular post on diet tips, we’re bringing 5 more important foods that you should be eating regularly as a runner. For people that take running seriously, and do a great deal of it, their diets, and the foods they eat are especially important for both their health, and their running performance.

Root Vegetables

more runner food 6 - root vegetablesThere’s a reason that v8 juice has been so popular for so long. It has juice from 8 of the most nutrient dense juices on the planet. Beets in particular are great for runners – elite athletes have known this for years and use beets as part of their training strategy. Beets are very high in nitrates which help dilate blood vessels and promote optimal circulation. Prepping and eating root vegetables can be a pain, but one way around that is to buy a high quality blender and make smoothies.

Any Whole Grains

more runner food 1 - whole grainsAny food with wholegrain in it is good for runners to eat as it provides them with extra levels of energy just when they need it the most. Foods such as wholemeal bread, and breakfast cereals, which contain higher levels of wholegrain are ideal for dedicated runners that wish to improve their performance to eat. Wholegrain is something that once eaten will provide them with slow release energy. Essentially the further any runner has to run the better use eating wholegrain foods is for them, as they will need to use up more slow release energy.


more runner food 2 - chickenChicken is a useful food for runners to eat when they attempt to improve their performance. It is high in protein yet low in fat. Protein is useful for any athlete as it helps to to build up muscles to allow for increased power in sprint races, or to help improve the stamina of people competing in long distance races. Protein also helps the body recover from injuries sooner rather than later.


more runner food 3 - fishFish can be a good food for runners to eat. It has similar properties to chicken, being low in fat yet high in protein allowing for stronger muscles, and swifter recovery times from injuries. After all runners that can heal faster from injuries can compete and train more frequently than the others that eat less protein. Runners need to carefully select the fish that is the lowest in fat, whilst having higher amounts of protein. For example tuna would be a better choice than salmon.


more runner food 4 - pulsesPulses such as lentils can be a useful food for athletes as well as runners to eat if they are trying to improve their stamina and performance over the long term. Pulses combine the advantages of wholegrain foods, and the attributes of low fat / high protein foods. They provide people with slow release energy whilst at the same time assisting recovery from injury, and muscle building.


more runner food 5 - pastaFinally, pasta is a food that can help people become better runners. Again it is a food that provides them with slow release energy. Runners that take improving performance really seriously would be well advised to eat wholemeal pasta as it contains higher levels of wholegrain in it. It happens to be highly adaptable and can easily become the basis of a healthy workout meal.


There are plenty of recipes that could be used to make meals out of the five types of food more appetizing for runners to eat. One of the problems with these foods is that it would become tedious.A simple recipe would be tuna and pasta, you just mix in some tuna to boiled pasta, plus you could add in low fat mayonnaise, peppers, or sweetcorn according to taste. If pulses are your thing you could also make lentil curry or casserole. These would be straightforward to make, you could make up your on mixes, or buy ready made sauces and add the lentils to them.

Not only are these good workout meals, they would be good meals for people that are not athletes to eat to improve their health and lifestyles.

Learn How to Add Walking and Running to your Every Day Life

Life hacking is all the rage presently – as technology progresses people are truly realizing that time is our most valuable asset, and anyway we can capitalize on it is highly valuable. Exercise has always been a chore for most of us, a task for which we must block out valuable hours of our limited free time often doing something we don’t like. However, running and walking hacking are now becoming hugely popular because it’s easy to run or walk while we do much of our daily, normally sedentary tasks.

The Benefits

The irony of the run & walk hack is that for most of human history, our prehistoric ancestors essentially did the same thing – they just didn’t really know that they were getting health benefits from the regular exercise. You see, running for the sake of running simply didn’t exist. People walked and ran out of necessity – to forage, gather, run from predators, or whatever. It just so happens that evolution positively selected traits for which these necessary survival behaviors positively benefited our health

The Modern Problem

The advancement of modern civilization has had some concurrent consequences – namely, that our “work” no longer requires regular physical effort on our parts, which unfortunately is causing health repercussions. People don’t burn enough calories and get fat, which causes health problems, and doubly forgoe exercise, which compounds on these health problems.

A Practical solution

The treadmill desk is becoming a highly popular solution, and it’s easy to see why. You can convert your hours of liable sedentary time immediately into an asset of exercise time. Not to mention, regular slow movement has been scientifically shown to improve focus and clarity. This is what life hacking is all about – killing multiple birds with one stone and making your precious time count.

How to I get set up?

Great question – firstly, we recommend investing in a standing desk that can easily adjust heights – you need to sit sometimes, so it’s good to transition between sitting, standing, and walking, especially if you’re just starting out. You can easily find a decent standing desk for under $200 dollars, or you can even build your own if you’re feeling thrifty.

Next, you’ll want to get a good treadmill that you can wheel in and out of your desk. We recommend getting one that doesn’t have a stand, otherwise the console can awkwardly interfere with your work space. In fact, you can even go all out and get a full on treadmill desk that integrates the controls with the desk itself. It’s an expensive up front cost, but a well worthwhile investment. The years of walking will more than pay back dividends to your health. You can even affix a small flat screen TV to your treadmill. Many people spend hours as couch potatoes watching the tube, so why not take those mindless hours and walk or run? It’s important that you find a good make & model to fit with your desk or workstation – we recommend consulting an authoritative guide on how to pick a good TV, then use a comprehensive resource which compares products to find the right one for you.


Life hacking is a fun way to make the most out of your time, and a treadmill work/entertainment station is a great way to incorporate healthy running and walking into your everyday life.

5 Foods All Runners Should Eat

For a runner, picking only the right and healthy stuffs for his diet is necessary in order to maintain and boost his athletic prowess. However, supermarkets store more than a thousand items so picking only the healthy stuffs seems like a difficult thing to do. Worry not because on this list, we’ll get you covered with the top five good foods for runners to eat. Good thing is all these five are approved by dietitians and nutritionists.  So without further adieu, here are the top five foods for all runners.

Update: check out six more great foods runners should eat.



runner food 1 - almondsAlmonds are rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant which most runners lack because only few good foods have it. It is strongly recommended that runners eat almonds or any nuts at least four times a week to reduce the circulation of cholesterol thus, minimizing the risks of acquiring heart diseases caused by artery- clogging low density lipoprotein. While consuming raw almonds is quite a delicacy for most, others find it the different way. So it might be a good idea to complement it with other foods like mixing it with your pasta dishes or salads. You can also top it in your casseroles or include in your breakfast regimen by putting in a hot cereal. Almond butters are also good in whole- wheat breads or grain toasts. What’s even better is the nutritional value isn’t affected in any way.



runner food 2 - eggsAn egg a day provides one tenth of your daily protein need so it is considered as the most complete food perfect as breast milk substitute. It means that proteins present in eggs contain essential amino acids to recover hard-worked muscles. Daily consumption of one egg also fulfills 30 percent of your daily Vitamin K requirement, essential for healthy bones. It has also choline which helps improve one’s memory and leutin for healthy eyes. There are also omega-3 enhanced eggs which increase healthy fats intake.


Sweet Potatoes

runner food 3 - sweet potatoesConsuming one whole sweet potato fulfills more than 200 percent of a runner’s average vitamin A requirement. It is rich in beta- carotene, one of the most essential antioxidants for the body. Sweet potatoes also increase the intake of the following essential elements of the body: potassium, iron, copper and manganese. The last two elements are mostly neglected by most runners which results to lack of energy and inefficient muscle function. Since eating raw sweet potatoes isn’t a good choice, you can preserve its nutrients by baking, boiling, or microwaving it. You can also complement it to your bean chili or mix it into your soups.


Whole Grain Cereal With Protein

runner food 4 - whole grain cerealBefore adding a whole- grain cereal in your shopping cart, make sure it has a minimum of ten grams fiber and protein to ensure it loads phytonutrients good for the heart. It should also have soy grits of up to 15 grams per serving. Whole- grain cereals are mostly consumed by runners due to its heart- friendly benefits so for those who isn’t used to it, you can serve it by complementing with soy milk for breakfast. You can also top the cereals on your yogurt. Skipping breakfast can cause deluge to your diet as per advised by nutritionists so never attempt to be a non-breakfast eater.



runner food 5 - orangesOranges are effective in healing torn and muscle discomforts after a heavy workout because it supplies 100 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement which can alleviate muscle soreness. It can also reduce cholesterol levels and minimize high blood pressure. It is served best by complementing in green salads, or sauce toppings in your fish, pork and chicken.

An important Nutrient for Runners – Iodine

iodine nutritionIodine is a nutritionally essential element, and sufficient ingestion is very of importance to satisfactory thyroid function. The worrying truth, though, is that iodine deficiency is at this moment rising and as much as 74% of adults don’t take in enough quantities of iodine. Iodine is typically obtained in ocean life for example seaweed and shellfish. If none of these iodine rich foods are an everyday part of your eating routine, there’s a strong possibility that you have an iodine deficiency.
This epidemic has received amplified attention recently as a result of rising understanding of the necessity of optimal thyroid gland function, a requirement of this being sufficient iodine ingestion. The thyroid is an important endocrine gland which is in charge of the production of hormones that manage metabolism, temperature, and energy output, among other things. Deficiency of iodine ingestion is the leading cause of hypothyroidism, a condition that has started to become more frequent in the United States.

around a century ago, iodine deficiency became highly prevalent in the usa, so much so that iodine was added to table salt to fight problem. This prompted a marked lowering of illnesses due to iodine deficiency, however the lowering of iodized salt production, put together with lowered salt usage in general, has caused iodine deficiency to creep back once again.

signs of Hypothyroidism include physical weakness, an increase in weight, low body temperature, dried-out skin, constipation, and clinical depression. More severe thyroid dysfunction has become linked to cardiac arrhythmia and cancer.

Thanks to superior technologies medical tests for vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems have become dramatically more advanced recently, and many health threats that might occur as a result of thyroid dysfunction may be easily remedied and turned around with sensible supplementation. Iodine supplementation is a simple, inexpensive, and wise move to make if you are deficient. Additionally, there exist all-natural iodine supplements in the form of sea vegetables which can effectively satisfy one’s iodine need.
For more information on iodine supplements to cure deficiency, check out iodinesupplement.org.

3 Solid and Proven Tips for Your Jogging and Running Adventures

modern running and nutrition slide 1Jogging is a well loved form of exercise that helps boost your energy levels and mood. But sticking with your program day after day can be a challenge. You need to be careful so you don’t get injured, which will greatly hinder your progress. Here are some guidelines to help you stay healthy and motivated while jogging.

You know, if you’re a runner then you do know about those frustrating times when it’s just not possible to go running outside. It’s for all those things that can get in the way that treadmills were invented, and you can use them at the gym, home, or evern at work. You’ll simply have more flexibility with your running schedule if you have a treadmill. Just one obvious example is during those times when the weather or outside conditions can make running a little treacherous, and then the treadmill starts looking pretty good. There are certain advantages to running on a treadmill, as you have complete control over your speed and there are no potholes, cars or dogs to worry about!

It’s a good idea to study the health benefits of jogging. This helps to keep you motivated on days when you don’t really feel like going out and running. Jogging is great activity if you are trying to lose weight but you have to be consistent.

Jogging benefits both your cardiovascular health and your bones health. Because jogging releases endorphins, it is an effective mood enhancer. In other words, if you don’t feel like jogging because you’re feeling down or depressed, that’s the best time to do it, as you’ll soon feel better once you get started!

You are likely running to become healthier, and you probably want to drop some pounds, too. To get the most from any running routine, make sure you eat only healthy foods. Eating the right types of foods will not only help with quicker weight loss, but they will give you the boost of energy you need when you’re jogging. When you include more natural foods in your diet, you will find that you don’t feel sluggish like you do when you eat bad foods. Merely cutting the amount of calories you eat, and keeping away from too much junk food and sweet foods, you will give yourself much more energy for your running routine. You will feel fit and you’ll actually lose weight, too.

Jogging is tremendously healthy and fun to do. It’s one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight, and you may find that you still want to jog even when you’ve reached your ideal weight. If you’re interested in running, or jogging, then we heartily encourage you to read more about it and perhaps begin soon.